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samedi 13 mai 2017

Salt and evolution in human diet: Paleo diet was a low salt diet

Paleo diet was a low salt diet
Sources of sodium: it should be cut in agro-industry factories

Clinical Perspective

What Is New?

  • This study identifies the major sources of sodium in the diets of adults from 3 geographic regions in the United States.
  • The study shows that sodium added to food outside the home accounts for more than two thirds of total sodium intake, whereas sodium added to food at the table and in home food preparation is a minor contributor to total sodium intake.
  • Study findings align with a 2010 Institute of Medicine recommendation for reduction of sodium in commercially processed foods as the primary strategy to reduce sodium intake in the United States.

What Are the Clinical Implications?

  • Commercially processed and restaurant foods should be the primary focus when educating patients on strategies for lowering sodium in the diet.
  • For packaged food products, the Nutrition Facts panel may be useful in identifying lower-sodium products.
  • When individuals eat outside the home, sodium content information for menu items should be requested and used as a guide in making food choices.
  • Limiting salt added to food at the table and in home food preparation should also be encouraged, but patients should be advised that changes in these behaviors alone may not be sufficient for achieving the recommended intake level.

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